Peace Genius Bootcamp

The Peace Genius Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is a 3 days intensive programme covering the Journey of Peace makers like Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and many more who have impacted on humanity in the last couple of century.

The first part you will learn the secret common ingredients of those Peace Genius- the steps they took towards their transformation and moving their stages of consciousness from the self to their community. Those legends left a time capsule for us, a methodology of approach to bring about change in society.

The second part is going in the practical  sciences of your own personal development through the Peace Entrepreneur where you learn how to apply the P.E.A.C.E intelligence going deep and yet simple techniques that will bring harmony and coherence of your 3 brains. Yes we have 3 independent brains in our body with the obvious the one in our head but there are 2 more and proven by science. This part of the programme is the core of your personal development and making you an agent of Peace in every sphere of Life.

The third part is looking at the ultimate and perhaps the most important aspect of sustaining your Personal development which is service. We will look at 6 aspect of service and how service is the ultimate goal to reach highest of self-actualisation.

Finally, the programme offers a 66 days of motivation and implementation of your learning with mentoring and coaching to build those neural networks to turn your knowledge into a habit through action.