The reason why I am writing Unleash Your Peace Genius

The biggest crisis we are currently facing is a crisis of who we are leading to a crisis of thinking and balance!



What initiate the term “Peace and why searching for it? Our background, race, cultures, religions, creeds, identities and way of technical thinking determine the answer we accept or reject, even on series of occurrences (disease, healing, relationship, romance, future of our planet and survival of our species) and our focus for better future.


Exhaustive Scientific analysis conveyed that we’re the outcome of a deliberate act of creativity that has permanently endowed us with exceptional abilities of reasoning, compassion, empathy, love and self-healing. A noted term in an Ancient wisdom explained deeply the true intention of that Maker..." I was a hidden treasure and wanted to be known".


In bondage? Clear your instinct of any fallacy of this world and reclaim your true consciousness...upgrade your paradigm of thinking being useless, unfruitful, broken and a burden to a redeemed entity and walk majestically and yet humbly into one of the dominator of something concrete and precious heritage of the original self, while following your true call in life. None has ever made the record on how to unlock the time capsule left behind by those who walked the path to Peace and perceive the common ingredients that we can unlock and regenerate within ourselves to bring inner change and rippling it effect... Reclaim your story, liberate yourself, embrace your heritage, shift from forcefulness to resourcefulness, call the moment and lead a movement. Serve with excellence and walk with humility. Tap into your Peace Genius and leave this world as a legend.

In this enlightening analysis, Ryad Khodabocus expatiated the positive and impressive biographical studies of nothing less than twenty Peace Makers in the last two centuries. The research and eventually the amazing revelation exposed the hidden secret of our ancestors with similar human deficiency, and how they tackle and solved it. The book thoroughly explain the technical know how, method or steps they engaged to spread the positive change in their community.

The author critically analyse how he applied the theories in his own life and work which happened to be in the field of Community Development and Peace making. He further analyse a decade of experience in community interrelations and development while applying numerous scientific theories to bring relative peace and harmony among different race.

In this book, you will discover how various agent of disunity (discrimination, nepotism and dualism) affecting different families, nations, and civilizations, are actually affiliated to a single ideology. They all developed from the false assumptions of an expired branch of science and yet still latching on, which has dominated many thought. This assumption is one in a million of outdated analysis splitting and ripping the world apart.


Readers Reviews

Your book is possesses captivating ideologies, it is not scary though, but they are factual in nature beyond any content have ever read, good work