About Ryad Khodabocus

Ryad Khodabocus

Born in the Paradise Island of Mauritius, Ryad Khodabocus lives and works in the UK while he also spends time in Europe after getting married in Madrid. He is both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur. He judiciously spends his time on research in human personal development through a holistic approach of individuality, community and spirituality. He founded the Peace Genius Academy and is currently the Director of RKHO Consultancy which offers Human Energy performance Management through coaching and seminars.  Ryad researched in Emotional Intelligence for many years and hold a Master degree in Psychology of Health and Management. He trained in NLP with Co-Founder Richard Bandler and a HeartMath registered Coach. He is a Public speaker trained at the Public Speakers Academy, a licenced sport coach specialising in Archery and passionate about Chi Gong, Martial Arts practicing Krav Maga and more.

He is the Author of the new upcoming book ‘Discover Your Peace Genius’ The Secret Blue Print. He is an authority and a multiple award winner for pioneering projects in Community Development, Inter-Faith and Inter-Cultural work. He has been working within the field of Peace and Community Development with government projects and local government engaging at grassroots level for over 10 years. He writes in the newspaper and has over 500 articles published until date and has been featured for his work on various radio stations including the BBC three Counties radio.


Ryad is popularly known for his spirit of integration, cultural and collective intelligence. He recently was awarded as one of the 21 leaders for the 21st century as agents of reconciliation. He was coined as ‘exceptionally gifted with imagination, creativity and entrepreneurship’ for his ability to formulate ideas and propound reliable programmes in the field of environment and ecology, ethical business, sports and health, high quality Leadership programme for young people within the range of 16-25 years, religious and spiritual education linking with science and the contemporary context. He is reliable and competent in the aspect of research-informed training and talks, seminars around diversity and leadership. He is concerned with diverse information on human complexity and nature connecting science, spirituality and contextual community development work.

Ryad has met with numerous important figures from Secretary of states, Religious leaders and Olympic sport champions to Business Entrepreneurs honouring his good work.  The cherry on the pie was when he hosted a private visit in 2016 with Their Royal Highnesses, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton talking around mental health his work particularly with young people.

He has a wealth of experience in many fields and a stays a lifelong learner.



 Peace genius Programme has helped me to manage my stress and channelled my energies into a productive way. It's taught me good ways to keep mentally fit and how to avoid anything that can hinder my well being

 The Peace Genius Programme with its Quest was a very deep experience which spoke to me at an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level.

Ryad’s teaching style made it feel as though we are all equals in this learning process—he was learning from us too, just as we were learning so much from him

 I want you to remember that good teachers are not always the ones with a fancy degrees and qualifications. They are the ones who have a big heart and burning desire to make the world much better place. And you are this type of teacher